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Strip Kittens Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Strip Kittens?
A. Strip Kittens is a fully interactive 3D experience for your Windows PC with hot dancing nightclub girls who get naked while they dance for you. You choose a girl, choose the music you want to hear (mp3 songs or playlists), and start the show.

You're taken into a virtual reality nightclub complete with all the lighting effects you'd expect at a real-life hotspot. Your girl is dancing in the center of the room just for you and as you watch her sexy moves her clothes slowly disappear, eventually leaving her fully naked for your viewing pleasure. While you watch her dance you have full control over the camera and your song playlist, and if you're impatient and don't want to wait for her to strip on her own, you can do it for her by choosing which clothing items she should take off or keep on!

Q. I downloaded a demo but it doesn't look anything like the pics on the site!
A. You may have downloaded a demo for the original version, which is still out on the web at a lot of download sites. Now we have a brand new version of Strip Kittens with all new graphics, club, etc. so make sure you either download the free demo from our site or at least look for the download link on other sites that says it's version 2.

Q. How do I control things in the club?
A. Hit the F1 key while in the club to get a list of the available keyboard and mouse controls.

Q. What kind of camera control is there?
A. You can put the camera anywhere you like and there's even several preset cameras to choose from, including ones that roam on their own all over the club, always keeping the girl focused in the center.

Q. Where can I find the screen shots I take?
A. They're in the screenshots folder where you installed the program (most likely C:\Program Files\Strip Kittens\).

Q. I heard that Alex and Lexis are cousins. Is that true?
A. You heard correctly. :)

Q. What's this I heard about secret outfits?
A. Shhh... while you're in the club, hit the X key on your keyboard and you'll see!

Problems and Solutions

Q. I bought Angie but the program crashes when I try to use her.
A. You need to log in to the members area and download the latest version of the main club file. It features support for the new girl Angie.

Q. When I try to start it gives an error message and won't run. Why?
A. This is an issue with Windows Vista. To run Strip Kittens on Windows Vista, if Vista's UAC (User Account Control) is enabled, you may have to right-click on the Strip Kittens shortcut on your desktop and select "Run as Administrator". Alternatively, in the start menu, find Strip Kittens, right click on it, select “Properties”, then click on the compatibility tab and then under “Privilege Level” click the checkbox that says “Run this program as Administrator”. The above is necessary because Vista may not allow you to run executables that, like Strip Kittens, are protected by using compression.

Q. I just paid for the software but it won't accept my password and let me get it. Why?
A. Be sure to enter your username and password EXACTLY as they appear in your confirmation email. Make sure you are using the proper case (upper and lower, however it appears) as well.

Q. When I run the program my virus software pops up a warning asking if I trust this application. What should I do?
A. You should add Strip Kitten to your anti-virus software's "Trusted Zones". When the message pops up, choose "Allow" or "Add to Trusted Zone", or whatever similar option your particular anti-virus software provides.

Q. The graphics are stretched crazy on my widescreen monitor. What should I do?
A. Try setting the resolution in "Options" to widescreen and choose the best one for your particular monitor.

Please note these Minimum System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista
  • 2.4GHz Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon64 2800+, Intel/AMD 1.8GHz Dual Core Processor or better
  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended)
  • DirectX 9 compatible video card with pixel shader support (NVIDIA GeForce 5800, ATI Radeon 9800Pro or better)
  • 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  • At least 1.0 GB free hard disk space
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c (included)

Email Contacts

Comments and Suggestions: comments@stripkittens.com
Technical Support: support@stripkittens.com

IMPORTANT: If the trouble is due to errors with the software itself, you MUST include the following information in order to receive support:

  • What is your operating system?
  • How much memory (RAM) do you have?
  • What kind of video card do you have?
  • What kind of sound card do you have?
  • What Kitten are you having trouble with?
  • What is the error message?
  • Does your system meet the specs required for use?

    If you do not include that basic information you may not get a reply.

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